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«Teleworking and information. Main security challenges and solutions» Webinar with Avannubo & Etalemtum

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About this Webinar

The health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has forced a previously unforeseen scenario that has profoundly affected the world of companies and businesses. Measures that restrict travel, mobility, activities, access to buildings, capacity, etc. have been implemented to a greater or lesser extent throughout the world. One of the main consequences of this series of restrictions is that they have forced all those activities that could be carried out online. Thus, in Spain, the number of people teleworking has multiplied by 6 in a few weeks. We are joined by Susana del Pozo from IBM, Bea Domènech from Quantion, Jordi Oller from Avannnubo and Alejandro Carballo from Vodafone to analyze the risks and possible solutions regarding the security of our networks, our information, our transactions, in short, our business.

Source: Etalentum

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