We have been performing technological installments for companies for 20 years.
For the whole of this time, our mission has been and remains; to improve your company’s communications and facilities and prepare it for the inevitable digital transformation society is increasingly facing and is long from ceasing.

Investing in mobile technology will improve the company’s internal communication as well as the services offered to customers.

Instalación Tecnológica: cableado estructurado – Avannubo

Structured Cabling

Certification and installation of structured network cabling, optical fiber and electricity grid distribution, as well as sanitisation, expansion and improvement projects >


Rack cabinet assembly, patch panel connection, electronic network placement and patching of cords.

Audits and advice for the application of structured network improvement in facilities that require sanitisation and

Rack combing, distribution adaptations and placement of electronics, trays for the integration of servers, SAIs and more. >

Instalación Tecnológica: armarios rack – Avannubo
Instalación Tecnológica: cámaras de videovigilancia – Avannubo

Video Surveillance Cameras

Avannubo offers software specialised in viewing and managing recordings through PC, app and web. You are no longer required to be there yourself: we grant you real-time access from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Installing of CCTV systems with IP, WiFi and analogue cameras, recording systems and analytical video with alarm and connection with CRA. >

Face-to-Face Control

We offer clock-in and access controls with software integration in CLOUD server installations. With features such as time-regulated clock-in control and GPS geolocation through web and app. >

Instalación Tecnológica: control presencial – Avannubo

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