Quality and safety policy

<Avannubo> has documented and disseminated to the entire organisation and all stakeholders a Management Policy as part of the Integrated Information Security and Quality Management System implemented.

The scope of this policy is as follows:

For ISO 9001:

IP telephony operator, mobile and internet access operator. Cloud computing owner. Dedicated virtual servers, backups and replicas. Technological advice and maintenance (24×7) in systems, networks and computer science. Custom programming.

For ISO 27001:

Computer systems, hosting services, software development and other communication and network services.

<Avannubo> pledges to direct this policy towards specific strategic factors:

  • The satisfaction of the client and interested parties, as the company’s outward projection.
  • The continuous improvement of the integrated management system, as a fulfilment of good management of all resources and our competence.
  • To ensure legal and regulatory compliance linked to our activity, in terms of quality and information security.
  • So all staff are required to contribute, from their own function, to a smooth communication with our customers, enabling us to grasp, through their requirements, their real need.
  • Make it possible to achieve the level of requirements expressed by our customers as well as safety requirements, and to pay the utmost attention to services; the aim is to achieve their full satisfaction.
  • To aim to advance the philosophy of quality and total safety and to demonstrate this line of progress.

The systematic treatment of information quality and safety risks with the aim of mitigating them on the basis of a documented priority criterion.