ISO 27001

<Avannubo> has documented and disseminated to the entire organisation and all stakeholders a Management Policy as part of the Integrated Information Security and Quality Management System implemented.

<Avannubo> pledges to direct this policy towards specific strategic factors:

  • The satisfaction of the client and interested parties, as the company’s outward projection.
  • The continuous improvement of the integrated management system, as a fulfilment of good management of all resources and our competence.
  • To ensure legal and regulatory compliance linked to our activity, in terms of quality and information security.
  • So all staff are required to contribute, each from its own role, to a smooth communication with all the interested parties, enabling us, through their requirements, to grasp their real need.
  • Make it possible to achieve the level of requirements expressed by our customers as well as safety requirements, and to pay the utmost attention to services; the aim is to achieve their full satisfaction.
    To aim to advance the philosophy of quality and total safety and to demonstrate this line of progress.
  • The systematic treatment of information quality and safety risks with the aim of mitigating them on the basis of a documented priority criterion.

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Department of Quality and Safety

Department of Quality and Safety

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