AvanVoIP-Teams Integration
AvanVoIP-Teams Integration.

Avannubo grants you the opportunity to render and receive calls of your Avanvoip switchboard directly from Microsoft Teams.

By default, 'Teams' allows for calls between colleagues of the same organisation exclusively, ultimately discarding any prospect of calling external numbers.

Avannubo Digital Kit
Come hold of your Digital Kit together with Avannubo!

The 'Digital Kit' is aimed at SMEs and freelances with up to 49 employees who meet the necessary requirements set by the Government.

These companies may receive up to €12,000 in governmental and EEUU aid, which must be destined exclusively for the digitalization of their businesses, choosing the 'Digital Kit' solutions that best adapt to the business needs.

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Avannubo is the global supplier of officially-licensed technology services for IP telephony, mobile, and Internet access.
We comprehensively cover every technological and communication need your company may inquire about.
We offer 24H personalized technical assistance for companies and businesses.


You will need as little as owning one or more IP phones connected to the Internet within your company.

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Cloud-based solutions that will help you stay in touch at all times.

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Systems and networks

24-hour technical service available to the customer 365 days a year.

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Web programming

We work together with WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel, Vue and React

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Your IP, Mobile and internet access operator

Fulfilled projects


Fulfilled projects
Years of experience


Years of experience
Satisfied clients


Satisfied clients


is a Barcelona-based telecommunication services company that specializes in comprehensive technology and communication for corporations. We have engaged in telephone exchanges and wiring since 2005 and have evolved to offer a wide range of customized products for businesses. Currently, the firm is implementing its services beyond the peninsula, with clients in the United States, Germany, Morocco, Italy, Mexico, and more.

Our mission, however, has remained: we wish to help our clients develop technologically, improve competitiveness and optimise their resources. At present, <Avannubo> is experiencing significant growth due to the customized, fast, efficient and quality care services it offers.


Our advanced IP virtual switchboard allows us to improve phone service and make it more efficient and effective. Take multiple calls simultaneously and from anywhere you desire >

Tired of dealing with big companies with whom there is no way to talk?
With our line services, clients are guaranteed to notice no difference in their communication services, but rather, advise a noticeable difference in their relationships >

Want to know how many customers you have in queue? How many calls have been answered? Their time length? Our Call Center has all the answers you’re seeking! >

Hire the phone solution that best suits your needs and switch on the Spanish or international numbering that is right for you. >

Send your faxes through a virtual printer installed on your computer and conveniently receive them in your email as PDF files. >

Schedule mass campaigns or individual messages from the ease of your own website and keep your customers informed at all times. >


We provide Windows and Linux servers in an effort to adapt to every single need your company may have. >

 We perform backups of your VPS server daily to ensure that, no matter what happens, you will never lose any data. >

We bear different mail configuration systems for your company, such as POP3, IMAP, Office365, Anti-Spam, Secure Delivery, etc >

Synchronize all files hosted by our servers and provide access to your data through an encrypted web interface >


We take control of your company’s technological infrastructure so that you can focus on your business exclusively. >

Centralized connections, threat analysis, intrusion control and prevention plans for possible attacks. >

Nowadays, the cloud grants us all the information and solutions we need. >

Comply with the requirements of the new regulations of the Reform of Workers’ Statute of May 2019.  >

Hoping to save time and money on activities that don’t benefit your business economically? We can help you! >

Web Programming

We make your website thrive by integrating new-age technologies and frameworks such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel, Vue and React making sure you are always up to date. >

Every company, every brand, every person…needs a different website. We study each case and advise clients on what is best for them >

We arrange your stores, and we compromise to accompany you from this point on. We design and upload products, effectuate necessary maintenance, offer technical support, and provide advice on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing. >

We examine your website and all those in your sector, including your competition, in order to provide you with the best possible proposal. We offer an extensive analysis of the results of said change.  >

Updates, plugins, cleansers, daily backups, and more. We monitor your site 24 hours a day to avoid last-minute and sudden surprises. >



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