Get your Digital Kit with Avannubo!

The Digital Kit is aimed at SMEs and freelancers with between 1 and 49 workers who meet the requirements set by the Government.

These companies will be able to receive up to a maximum of €12,000 in aid that they will have to use to digitize their businesses by choosing the digitizing solutions from the Digital Kit that best suit the needs of their businesses.

In order to access the Digital Kit, they must do so through one or more digitizing agents, which are the companies that will accompany the interested companies throughout the application process.

These companies have been divided into three segments:

Segment I


Companies between 10 and less than
50 employees

Segment II


Companies between 3 and less than 10

Segment III


Companies between 1 and less than 3
employees and freelancers

Digital solutions included in the Digital Kit voucher


Virtual office services

Maintain the continuity of your business and the high availability of your services, with our Cloud services, accessing quickly and safely.

Maximum aid amount: €12,000


Secure communications

We assume control of all telecommunications of your company or business Leave the installations, configurations and technical incidents in the hands of <Avannubo>.

Maximum aid amount: €6,000



Are you experiencing global growth and need a centralized connection? At <Avannubo> we are specialists. We design and implement complex networks according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Maximum amount of aid €6,000


Process management

Process management constantly seeks efficiency in all its production processes, which is why it evaluates and implements measures that contribute to this objective.

Maximum aid amount: €6,000



To be in the network is to be in the largest showcase in the world. A showcase that has a peculiarity: if you are not there, you do not exist and as the saying goes: we only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. At <Avannubo> we will help you achieve that crush you are looking for.

Maximum aid amount: €2,000


Electronic commerce

We work together your online store from the first moment; we program it; we upload the products; we do maintenance and technical support; we advise on SEO, marketing and strategic actions; we integrate it with the Marketplace with which you work; We optimized it for Google…

Maximum aid amount: €2,000


Advanced Internet Presence

Basic Internet positioning: Positioning of basic business information, contact and company profile in the main sites, business networks or directories of companies and professionals.

Maximum aid amount: €2,000


Electronic invoice

With this solution you will be able to digitize the flow of issuing and receiving invoices from your customers and suppliers, ensuring the digitization and securitization of your business processes.

Maximum aid amount: €2,000

What are the requirements to get the Digital Kit?

  • avannubo_check
    Be a small company, micro-enterprise or self-employed (between 1 and 49 workers).
  • avannubo_check
    Be in a registered situation and have the minimum seniority established by call.
  • avannubo_check
    Be registered in AceleraPyme and carry out the digital test for your company (we will explain it in detail later)
  • avannubo_check
    Not be subject to a pending recovery order from the European Commission that has declared aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.
  • avannubo_check
    Once the aid is granted, you will have 6 months to spend it on up to 5 services lasting 1 year.
  • avannubo_check
    Be up-to-date with tax obligations and against Social Security.
  • avannubo_check
    The subsidy covers up to 100% of the cost of services.
  • avannubo_check
    Not incur in any of the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies.
  • avannubo_check
    The grant will be less than the minimum cost of implementing the package.
  • avannubo_check
    The bonus will be a maximum of 12,000 euros.
  • avannubo_check
    Comply with the financial and effective limits that define the categories of companies.
  • avannubo_check
    Do not exceed the limit of minimum aid (small amount).

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